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Fraud watch scheme

Fraud is something that happens every day and can impair lives. Payday Pug are here to offer free Fraud Protect advise and support.

The scheme

Fraud happens every day. Most people might not even of known that they've been scammed or had personal details taken from them. This is why, at Payday Pug we're offering free Fraud protection advise with our Fraud protection scheme.

This scheme helps to provide vital information about the following:

  • What fraud is and the scams used
  • The steps you should take to help prevent fraud
  • What to do if you've been or are a victim of fraud

Important note

No one from Payday Pug or any financial partner will ever contact you and request to send money or ask you to buy any products prior to receiving your loan.

Actions to take

If you think you've been a victim of fraud or need advise on what to do to help prevent fraud, please see our guidance notes below on fraud.

1. Stop sending money

If you think you have been targeted, the first thing you should do is stop paying any more money. Inform your bank immediately and cancel any unauthorised transactions to the fraudsters.

2. Report it

Once you have secured your money safely, it's critical that you report what happened so that it can be prevented from happening to other people. There's a few places that you can go to report Fraud. See below:

Further support

Here are a couple of non-website based ways to get information or report fraud:

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