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Sep 24, 2019

Leverage your Credit Score for Favourable Terms through PaydayPug

Unsecured loans through PaydayPug are often deemed to be an alternative for people who do not have a good credit score. Payday loans and other types of unsecured short term loans are routinely advertised as a suitable option for borrowers with poor credit history. However, those who have a relatively better credit score should try to leverage it for favourable terms. It is true that many private lenders, especially those offering payday loans, do not rely on credit score to ascertain eligibility. Instead, they focus on the income of the applicant and hence their ability to repay. Yet, credit score can influence lenders and the terms they offer.

Anyone with a good credit history is a more reliable and trustworthy borrower. Lenders are always in pursuit of risk mitigation. Most lenders in PaydayPug’s network are willing to entertain applications from people with bad credit but they are certainly more comfortable dealing with borrowers who have a pleasant history. Those who have an excellent credit score or credit history that is free of blemish should use that to their advantage and ask for better terms. The better terms could pertain to the repayment period, rate of interest, quantum of loan amount or other clauses in the agreement.

Private lenders have the discretion, as per their policy, to increase rates of interest for borrowers who are deemed to be riskier. Likewise, they have the liberty to reduce the interest rate if a borrower is reliable and has an impeccable track record of repaying. One cannot have an excellent credit score if there are defaults or settled loans in the immediate past. While those who have a poor credit score can certainly apply for loans through PaydayPug and get approved by relevant lenders, those who have a good credit history should leverage that and secure better terms.

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