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Oct 17, 2019

Is a Secured Loan Right for You?

We all need a little help sometimes, but finding resources isn't always easy. Fortunately, many banks and lending institutions offer secured loans, which often assist those who have bad credit, no credit, or a bankruptcy in the past. So, is a secured loan right for you or should you keep looking elsewhere? 

What Is a Secured Loan?

A secured loan is a type of financing that allows a person or business to have direct access to a line of credit based on the value of their accepted collateral. For instance, a loan underwriter will determine how much money the applicant can/should receive based on a variety of factors, including: 

  • The applicant's credit score 
  • The amount of money being requested 
  • The purposes of the loan 
  • The terms of the contract 
  • The lending policies of the financial institution 

Becoming approved for a secured loan can be difficult in many cases, especially for people who have little or no collateral to put up. However, most credit repair firms know exactly what to do to get applicants approved. In fact, properly managed credit reports can grant applicants access to huge amounts of money from extremely reputable banks. 

How to Apply

Applying for a secured loan is a big step, which means it should never be treated lightly. Here are the most important things to do before submitting an application: 

  • Review your credit report - There may be derogatory items listed on there that you had no idea about. 
  • Research the best lenders - Not everyone is the same, so shop around for the best terms and repayment rates. 
  • Apply when you're ready - Don't worry about hard inquiries just yet, but only apply for a secured loan when you're confident you'll be approved. 
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